The newest and most awesome product out there now, the flyboard, still has to be insured…  This is a fun business to be a part of.  The biggest problem that you run into though is finding insurance for these awesome amusement devices.  Flyboards are the new craze from 2012 and extending into 2015.  There are very few companies that offer flyboard insurance.  We understand the unique risks that come with flyboards and have been able to help keep the claims very low in regard to these.

We have been writing this insurance for individual operators, as well as rental companies, and everything in between.  We are able to provide the exact coverage that you need for your business to make sure that you get the coverage you need.  We will provide coverage for all the different types of flyboards that are available.  We offer any type of limits of liability that you may need and customize the policy to what you need it to be.  We also want to have a partnership in helping you manage your claims and create a great environment for all of your clients.  We will provide coverage anywhere in the US and internationally in certain situations.

At Casey Insurance Group, we specialize in Marine Insurance. We understand that you have made a substantial investment in your boat and want the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are well protected. If you are needing coverage for your charter boat, yacht, flyboard, scuba and dive boat or other personal watercraft, look no further than the seasoned team at Casey Insurance Group.

You want to be sure that your individual needs are met quickly and expertly. With Casey Insurance Group, you will find family-friendly care and professional expertise that focuses on you. We understand the specialized needs of boat owners. As an independent, family-owned insurance agency, we work with many of the nation’s finest companies, giving you a variety of valuable choices for coverage.

Our experienced staff has the talent and knowledge to help you find solutions for your all your marine insurance needs. We provide time-proven recommendations and solutions for clients in Miami, Florida and all 50 states, the Caribbean and the Bahamas, with services stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific, the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico. At Casey Insurance Group, we are committed to providing you with the type of quality service you deserve and expect as one of the family.

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